Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Ed Sheeran Is Taking A Page From Taylor Swift's Cat-Crazy Playbook

63% chance he's thinking about cats in this photo TBH

First, Taylor Swift got Meredith. Then, she brought home Olivia, and her Instagram was suddenly flush with adorable vids of her cats pretending that they're people and their little smushed Scottish Fold faces in various states of cute.

Then, her bff Ed Sheeran — also a feline enthusiast, as proven by his cat tattoos (dude has a lion chestpiece, FFS) and his own adopted kitty, Graham — took a year-long social media hiatus, only to return with new music and photos of a super cute Scottish Fold that looks like it could be the British cousin of Meredith and Olivia.

Meredith and Olivia may be weirdos who like to stand up all the time, but Ed's cat is a snack bandit that makes the best "IT WASN'T ME" face pretty much ever. This is the face of a cat that can get away with anything, and it's definitely the face of a cat that was born for Instagram fame.

So, c'mon, Taylor. MOAR CAT FOTOZ PLZ. Ed's outdoing you, here.