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La La Land Gets The Zootopia Treatment Just In Time For The Oscars


People love mash-ups for a reason: They take a familiar song, pair it with an unexpected melody that's just as loved or recognized, and refresh the original in an unexpected way.

Consider these Zootopia riffs on 2017 Oscar nominees the movie poster equivalent of a mash-up: They take the year's best movies β€” like, say, La La Land or Hell or High Water β€” and re-work them with your favorite creatures from the 2016 animated feature as the stars.

Zootopia's directors, Rich Moore and Byron Howard, and screenwriter Jared Bush banked on their cheesy pun game on behalf of Oh My Disney in order to tweak the Best Picture contenders in their own way. La La Land becomes La La Lamb and recreates the movie's now-iconic tap-dancing scene set in the hills of a dusky Los Angeles; Hell or High Water sticks with the rhyme scheme, and Hell or High Otter features a stone-faced otter ranger standing in for Best Supporting Actor nominee Jeff Bridges.

They get the details down right to the credits on the posters themselves β€” Tom Ford didn't direct Nocturnal Mammals, for example, but Tom Furrd did β€” and it all makes for a great visual gag just a week out from the year's biggest celebration in film.

It also serves as a great reminder to get your tail to the movies so that you can catch all the award hopefuls you haven't seen yet. (And cross your fingers for the Zootopia crew while you're at it, as they're up for an Oscar themselves for Best Animated Feature.)