Kendall Jenner Cosplays As Rihanna, Immediately Admits Failure

A valiant effort

It is my personal belief that once Rihanna wears a piece of clothing (denim shorts, yellow dresses that take two years to sew by hand) it should be off limits to everyone else. I mean, other, lesser celebrities can always try, but it is futile.

Remember when Rihanna swerved Drake as he attempted to kiss her during the VMAs last year? The swerve heard round the world? And then remember when Rihanna stepped out in a YSL heart-shaped furry coat and the entire internet made the exact same joke that it was Drake's broken heart than she was casually wearing out and about? Yes, us too.

Which brings us to yet another tried-and-true story via Refinery29: Kendall Jenner describes herself strolling into a YSL store, seeing the same jacket, and taking a photo of herself wearing it, laughing alone with couture fur and 2000s-era oversize aviator glasses. Jenner's look was put on notice by both anti-fur activists and Rihanna fashion archivists. Luckily for us all, Jenner immediately realized her mistake and posted an explanation, writing, "Rihanna wore it best, for the record."

It's OK, Kendall. It happens to the best of us.