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It’s Official: A Beloved Fave Will Die In The Vampire Diaries Series Finale

It's a big death

Brace yourselves, Vampire Diaries fans: Death is coming to Mystic Falls in the series finale.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the emotional final episode, due to air March 10, will feature a funeral scene in which a recently returned Elena (Nina Dobrev) will say goodbye to "someone she loves." According to EW's Samantha Highfill, who was on set for the bittersweet goodbye, the funeral was the final group scene the Vampire Diaries cast shot, but other than Dobrev, there are no hints as to who else was in attendance.

"It's a big death," Highfill said in a behind-the-cover video. "I think fans are really going to be impacted." For what it's worth, Highfill said the series finale script, titled "I Was Feeling Epic," even made Paul Wesley (Stefan) tear up.

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While it's impossible to know which beloved character will be lying six feet under in the finale, we're pretty certain it's between two characters: Bonnie and Stefan. Bonnie is the obvious choice; her life is tied to Elena's, so as long as she's alive, Elena is asleep. But that's exactly why we think it's Stefan.

Damon and Stefan have done nothing but hurt one another since Stefan turned his brother back in 1864. It's an endless cycle, one that can only be broken by death. Not to mention, it gives Stefan an opportunity to make amends with Damon and give his brother the Cure from his blood, gifting him with a happy, mortal life with Elena. The Salvatore brothers have always been the emotional center of The Vampire Diaries, so it only makes sense for the series finale to end with a heartbreaking scene between Stefan and Damon.

Note to self: Skip the eyeliner on March 10.