Nicholas Hunt/FilmMagic

Amber Rose’s Massive New Arm Tattoo Will Help You See The Hollywood Sign

Welcome to 'La La Land'

Amber Rose doesn't need to hop off a plane at LAX and look to the right to see the Hollywood sign. Now, she can just look at her right arm instead, as she revealed on Thursday (February 16).

The fresh arm tat, inked by Nikko Hurtado at Black Anchor Collective in California, is a black-and-white recreation of the famous Hollywood Hills and the iconic sign emblazoned across the front of them. It'll leave you starstruck, that's for sure.

"Thanks for being tough and can't wait to continue it. More work to come," Hurtado wrote on Instagram, suggesting that this tattoo is still in the works.

As of now, Rose hasn't explained what inspired her to go under the needle to become a walking advertisement for Los Angeles. Whatever the reason, the city's tourism industry must be pleased.