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Lena Dunham Defends Taylor Swift: ‘She’s Been Put Through The Ringer’

The ‘Girls’ star explains why she admires Tay

Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift became friends when they exchanged Twitter DMs in 2012, and in the time since, their friendship has only grown. Dunham even listened to Tay's music while writing Girls for HBO. Now that the series is ending, the show's cast has been reflecting on how much they've changed over the years. For Dunham, Taylor was a role model of sorts.

“She's been in the public eye since she was 15. I felt young when my career started and I was 23, 24. When I met her, she was newly 22, and she was a fucking seasoned pro at this stuff,” Dunham told Rolling Stone. “Watching the way that she understands the vicissitudes of the cycle, and she just keeps making her work — that's just really impressive to me. That's how I hope to live my life, which is not as a slave to public opinion, but just as somebody who continues to make things.”

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Dunham also weighed in on Taylor's decision to remain largely silent through the tumultuous presidential election last year: “When you talk about politics, people straight up tweet you the floor plan of your house and say they're coming to your house. You have to fucking watch it because people are nuts.”

However, what really impresses Dunham is Taylor's ability to keep writing, even when her fans don't know about it.

“She's been put through the ringer, and she's continued to make her work. People who understand how to protect themselves but aren't so beaten down that they can't be creative — that to me is the greatest.”