Barry King/Getty Images

Charismatic Thinker: Max Joseph Is Launching No-Holds-Barred Documentary Series

Get details about the 'Catfish' host's newest endeavor

Max Joseph has raised awareness about catfishing through the years -- and now the MTV host is using his trademark camera to shed light on a series of wide-ranging topics.

The filmmaker -- who will be back on this network beginning March 1 with brand-new episodes of the long-running aforementioned program -- has teamed up with the social network Vero to create a documentary series entitled Charismatic Thinker, which will tackle subjects with "complete creative freedom" (as he explains in the trailer above).

"I’ve spent way too much time over the years fantasizing about making these visual essays, which I hope are fun, personal explorations into the themes or ideas I’m grappling with," Max revealed. His first piece of content: A no-holds-barred video called "Dicks," which will examine whether you need to be a "dick" (or "an a**hole, tyrant or Machiavellian douche") in order to be a great leader (catch it below).

Check out Max's latest professional venture here -- and don't miss him and Nev when Catfish returns on Wednesday, March 1 at 8/7c (a preview of what's to come can be seen in the first look below).