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Of Course Beyoncé’s Isolated Vocals From Her Grammy Performance Are Flawless


Two days after Beyoncé slayed the Grammy stage dressed as a golden goddess, we’re getting a clearer idea of just how flawless her vocals were. A new video of her set featuring nothing but her mic feed proves what we’ve all suspected for years: Beyoncé is really quite good at singing!

In the newly surfaced clip, the pregnant star belts her Lemonade cuts “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” with astounding emotion and precision. She pretty much sounds exactly like she does on the album, which is no easy feat when she’s sitting on a chair that’s literally tipping backward. Someone tell Carlos Santana that her vocals are as “smooth” as they come, thank you very much.

Sure, Beyoncé may have been snubbed in the Grammys’ major categories, but it’s impeccable performances like this that prove why she’s an icon. Praise be.