Can The Are You The One? Casties Make The Last-Minute Switch They Desperately Need?

The love hopefuls are only TWO beams away from victory

To put it bluntly, the Are You the One? love hopefuls have mightily struggled at Match-Up ceremonies (the horrifying Blackout, the four-beam curse and some tough lessons courtesy of host Ryan Devlin). But during tonight's brand-new episode, the 22 guys and girls finally had a breakthrough and secured NINE lights. Now, can they make the critical last-minute twofer switch in the last week and successfully secure the green?

As is always the case, however, the positive result did not come without some yelling drama. While the crew seemed to be on board with abandoning emotions and going for the gold, Shannon struggled with whether or not she should follow her heart (Tyler) or go with the house pick (Derrick). In the end, though, she opted to let her feelings take the forefront.

"Everybody here is on the same page," Derrick spat after Shyler was at the podium about to "lock in." "You lied to us and disrespected the whole f**king house." Preach, D.

The negative sentiment was short-lived (after all, the self-proclaimed "bad guy" could be Shannon's PM), and there were a bunch of celebratory hugs after their major comeback. However, this game is far from over, and it's a bit too soon to pop the champagne (a lot can happen in one week in AYTO land). Do you think the crew can continue the series' tradition and extend the win streak to five? Or could one tiny mistake derail the entire mission and force everyone to walk away with $0? Share your theories in the comments, and do not miss next week's action-packed Are You the One? episode on Wednesday at 9/8c!