Thor Is The Worst Roommate Ever In Marvel’s Hilarious New ‘Team Thor’ Short

How many Earth dollars is Mjölnir worth?

Thor is many things: a hero, a god, an Avenger, and a pretty decent brother. One thing he's not? A good roommate. In fact, Thor, God of Thunder, is the WORST roommate. He doesn't even pay rent! To be fair, he has no concept of mortal money, but STILL.

In the months since we first met Thor's mundane roommate Darryl in Thor: Ragnarok, director Taika Waititi's hilarious mockumentary that gave us a behind-the-scenes look at what Thor was up to during Captain America: Civil War, it seems the two are having problems. When it comes to paying the rent, Darryl is skeptical of Thor's method of payment: a pumpkin, some golden cups, and Asgardian coins (which Thor claims are worth "a bazillion human dollars"). When Darryl suggests Thor get a job, the Asgardian prince checks his human friend on his ignorance:

Being a superhero is time-consuming, Darryl! Do you think saving New York City from an alien invasion is easy?