Can Anyone Survive Being Stranded With A Million Dollars?

Not without shoes, that's for damn sure

The other shoe dropped on tonight's episode of Stranded With A Million Dollars. Literally.

After sacrificing their shoelaces to help start a campfire, Michael and Ashley soon realized their generosity had bitten them in the ass: The laces -- which had been relentlessly rubbed against wooden sticks to make a spark -- eventually broke and left the two sans foot support. And seriously, how the hell can you trek through the jungle without shoes?

The answer: You can't. Ashley's ankles soon started twisting and she fell well behind the others, causing the 20-year-old customer service rep to announce that she was bailing. When one of her fellow campers asked, "Why can't you keep up the pace?" Ashley answered bluntly: "I don't have f*cking shoes."

Eagle Scout Michael, meanwhile, continued the trek completely barefoot. But when he'd stepped on so many thorns that it was too painful to walk, he also used his flare to say, "Bye, Felicia."

And that, friends, means that in just two episodes, a total of three contestants have already flared out (Bria bailed last week). And more may follow: Gina, for one, readily admitted she was "super-surprised" she was still in the game. And even dude/bro/obvious f*ckboy Chris showed signs of cracking. "I'm feeling like absolute sh*t," he said at one point. "I've really been humbled a lot, and I'm in a bad situation." Makani, meanwhile, had two tearful breakdowns after having disagreements with her fellow campers.

As for self-proclaimed alpha male Cody? He remained seemingly invincible, still happily plotting against the others, almost getting into a fistfight with Alonzo, and calling out his cohorts who chose to buy a slew of supplies with the group's money. "Now we know they are chumps," he said. "Now we know they're soft. Now we know they're little p*ssies and they can't take it out here."

He's certainly got a way with words, right?

So tell us: Can anyone survive the 40-day mission and win the grand prize? And who will be the next to go home on Stranded With A Million Dollars? Make your predictions, then see if the flare gun is shot again next Tuesday at 10/9c!