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Adele Turned Down The Chance To Sing With Beyoncé And Rihanna At The Grammys

That George Michael tribute almost featured a lot more voices

Adele's Grammy tribute to George Michael almost included a few more big voices.

The singer's orchestral cover of “Fastlove” could have taken on a very different tone at the ceremony on Sunday (February 12), according to a new interview with Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich. At one point, the tribute to Michael was set to include Beyoncé, Rihanna, and James Corden, and would have featured a medley of a few of the late star's songs, including “Freedom!

'90” and “One More Try.”

As the show's creative team developed the tribute, though, it became clear that Adele was passionate enough about the moment to want the stage to herself. “She had a vision for what she wanted to do with it,” Elrich said.

So, for better or worse, we got Adele's slow, sad version of “Fastlove” while Rihanna took shots out of her diamond flask and Beyoncé basked in the glow of her own performance.