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Zac Efron Was A Total Chance The Rapper Fanboy During The Grammys

He was practically the IRL heart-eyes emoji

While Beyoncé destroyed everyone during the 2017 Grammys, Zac Efron was still trying to recover from Chance the Rapper's own epic slayage.

The Coloring Book artist snagged his first Grammy early into the night, taking home the iconic gramophone for Best Rap Performance. The Chicago native also won Best New Artist and Best Rap Album — and took all us heathens to church with his stellar, emotional medley performance. Needless to say, Chance had a damn good night — and Efron, his No. 1 fan, was practically falling on the floor.

Efron live-tweeted the award show and couldn't contain his excitement anytime something good happened to Chance (which was basically the entire night).

  • Unsurprisingly, the Baywatch star rocked his "3" hat ...

    Again, might we add.

  • And later gushed like a proud parent when Chance won Best New Artist

    As a bonus for the evening, we were treated to a brief Troypay moment when Ashley Tisdale shared in Efron's jubilee.

  • If you had to get up and get a snack during the show, don't worry — Efron was keeping track
  • He finished off his Twitter spree by giving his idol (another) much-deserved shout-out