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Katy Perry Had A Political Message For Every Single Person Watching The Grammys

Persist — and read your constitution

When Katy Perry took the stage at the Grammys for the live debut of her brand new single "Chained to the Rhythm," she didn't stop with the music. She made sure to send a clear message, too.

Wearing rose-colored sunglasses and a glittery armband emblazoned with the word "persist," Perry ran around a white house surrounded by a white picket fence. As the performance went on, the fence slats flipped around and became mirrors while giant tidal waves and roaring infernos were projected on the stage.

Along with Skip Marley, Perry escaped the prison of her own making, breaking apart both the house and the fence. At the end of her performance, Perry projected the U.S. Constitution behind her, and she and Marley raised their fists together defiantly.

Don't expect Perry to keep quiet about politics — especially not these days.