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Lady Gaga’s New Tattoo Reveals She’s So Excited For Her Grammys Metallica Collab


Lady Gaga is an avid body-art enthusiast, but she just brought her commitment to tattoos to a brand-new level with one extensive back piece hours before her performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Gaga will be performing "Moth Into Flame" with Metallica at the big event Sunday night (February 12), and she decided to mark the massive occasion by dedicating her ENTIRE BACK to a piece of artwork inspired by the song's creature of choice.

Where the Silence of the Lambs connection comes in, we're not exactly sure: The skull-shaped pattern on the moth's back is eerily similar to that of the death's-head hawkmoth, which plays a prominent role in the horror classic and is featured on the film's poster. If any insect is the unofficial mascot of heavy metal, it's gonna be the one with a gnarly skull on its back, so props to Gaga for the aggressive, apropos ink choice.

Catch #MetalliGa on the Grammys, which kick off at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.