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Lady Gaga Moshed And Crowdsurfed Through Her Grammys Duet With Metallica

Monsters of pop and metal, unite

Lady Gaga's latest album takes a country bent, but she put on her heavy metal shorts for her Grammys duet with Metallica.

As one of the unlikelier pairings of the evening, Gaga and Metallica didn't let their disparate genres keep them from synthesizing a fiery performance. Gaga and Metallica's James Hetfield traded off lead vocals while a ragtag assortment of punk kids moshed with them onstage throughout Metallica's song "Moth Into Flame."

Gaga got in on some of the moshing, too. She even stage-dived into the front of the crowd and surfed across them on her back. Trust falls aren't just for theater kids.