Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato Tortured Our Fragile Hearts With A Camp Rock 3 Tease

Whyyyy, guys?!

It's been nearly a decade since the DCOM Camp Rock premiered, and we finally got "We Rock" out of our heads — until Joe Jonas went and brought back all the feels.

While hanging out at the Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch on Saturday (February 11), the DNCE frontman shared a super cute selfie with Demi Lovato, captioning it, "CR3?" Lovato later liked and retweeted the pic.

JOE. You can't go and get fans all excited for something like this if you don't plan to deliver. While people admitted they'd definitely be down for a third film, they also expressed their ~feelings~ about being teased in this manner. "You can't joke about these things, Joseph," one person tweeted. "WE ARE SENSITIVE HUMANS, JOE!" said another. Even better, one fan shared a GIF of Ross from Friends saying, "Ahh, humor based on my pain. Hahahaha." SAME.

Between the friendly exes recreating their "Gotta Find You" duet during Lovato and Nick Jonas's Future Now tour last summer, and the first film turning 10 next year, maybe it IS time we finish off this musical trilogy.

Plus, Alyson Stoner and Roshon Fegan — who played Caitlyn and Sander, respectively — recently reunited at the World of Dance Awards. "Camp Rock 🍔 + @iam_dytto = •#WODawards17," Stoner captioned on Instagram. These Camp Rock teases are just too much, guys.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Enough joking around; we want a Camp Rock 3 and we want it now. As one fan accurately tweeted at Jonas, "DON'T PLAY WITH A CAMP ROCK FAN, MAN!!" So if you guys could gather up the squad and make this happen in time for the OG movie's 10th anniversary, that would be much appreciated.