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Spidey, Star-Lord, And Stark Give Us The First Glimpse Of Avengers: Infinity War

This 'combustible, exciting, massive-scale adventure' is finally in production

We may be a long way off from the day that Avengers: Infinity War makes it to theaters, but the cast and crew are too stoked to keep quiet about the action epic that'll be "an event like no one has ever seen on film before."

In a new behind-the-scenes vid from Marvel Entertainment, Chris Pratt, Robert Downey, Jr., and Tom Holland — along with Kevin Feige, Infinity War producer and the president of Marvel Studios, and Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors of the film — talk about why this Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover is set to be such a massive deal for Marvel fans across the board.

As far as spoilers go, we have a couple here, even if "OMG THEY'RE GONNA BE IN SPAAAACE" isn't that surprising of a sneak peek. First of all, the Infinity Stones — i.e. the rocks that everyone's constantly trying to get their hands on, from the Tesseract that Loki casually tried to use for evil to the Power Stone of Guardians of the Galaxy — take up the first thirty seconds of this production update, and serve as the connecting force that ties these movies together.

Then, Pratt, Downey, and Holland offer an update from the first day of shooting on the set of Infinity War and were clearly taking a break from a scene set on otherworldly terrain, as given away by the crazy space rocks in the background. Holland got a little nostalgic, especially, because he has a personal connection to the superhero squad he recently joined as Spider-Man: "I remember actually going to see the first Avengers with one of my best mates from home, and I would never have dreamed I'd ever be in one of these movies, let alone playing Spider-Man. I feel like I'm on top of the world, 'cause this is just mind-blowing."

From there, Feige and the Russos spell out exactly why Infinity War is such a huge deal, and how they used the other films of the franchises to set them up for this very moment. They needed an acrimonious split in the ranks — and, specifically, a Tony Stark vs. Steve Rogers showdown — and made that happen with Captain America: Civil War so that the Avengers would be their weakest when facing their most brutal foe yet. Thanos, portrayed by Josh Brolin, is the "biggest, the best, the baddest villain we've ever had, the most frightening villain that the Avengers have ever faced" by Feige's logic. Stark can sense this bad guy approaching, and does what he can to keep the planet safe.

As for the Guardians and Avengers team-up? The Russos are beyond thrilled to work with this unparalleled gang of heroes. "The most exciting part is the incredible roster of well-developed characters," says Joe Russo. "It's going to create really combustible, exciting, massive-scale adventure."

How's that for a production update? Stay tuned for more Avengers: Infinity War updates before its May 2018 release.