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Charli XCX Has Zero Fucks Left To Give On Her New Song ‘Bounce’

Her new song is even wilder than ‘After the Afterparty’

Charli XCX kept the party going well after the after-party (and then some) on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night (February 9).

After performing her new single "After the Afterparty," Charli circled back for another round of off-the-wall electro-pop. She debuted a new song called "Bounce" that name-checks a few members of the PC Music crew she's been working with on her new music, like Sophie and A.G. Cook, who conveniently happened to be lying motionless onstage while she danced around the furry set.

While she gears up for her new album, Charli is pushing even deeper into the sublimely inane pop she's been exploring lately. Not everyone can make over-the-top artificiality sound this fun.

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