Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Now Daniel Radcliffe Is In Love With Voldemort And Harry Potter Is Ruined All Over Again

Obliviate! Obliviate!

Lord Voldemort will have more Valentines than me this year, because after Emma Watson chased after her boo, co-star Daniel Radcliffe followed suit. Released on the same day as YouTuber PistolShrimps's Harry Potter/Beauty and the Beast mash-up — that replaced the Beast with the Dark Lord — CineFix, via Entertainment Weekly, shared a different wizardry parody.

Forget Cho Chang or Ginny Weasley; Harry now has his heart set on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The duo share forbidden love and the video pulls quotes from the series that sound hilariously inappropriate when taken out of context: "Does it hurt?" being a prime example.

So if Harry Potter wasn't ruined for you before, it definitely is now. Check out the video below.