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Honestly, What Is Niall Horan Ever Tweeting About?

'What's the craic?'

Out of all of the One Direction guys, Niall Horan is most active on Twitter. It makes sense given that he was the first to release solo music, providing massive relief for Directioners and softening the blow of the group's indefinite hiatus. Niall makes an effort to stay connected with fans, hopping on the social network to host live chats, address his well-being, and give updates about his studio progress after the release of "This Town."

While his tweets are often pretty standard — giving his fans love, stray thoughts on soccer football and golf — his emotions range from cranky to "chill mofo" and some deeply profound confusion in between. There are just some things about his tweets we don't quite understand.

  • Not exactly sure what this is about
  • But Niall thinks we got it
  • Is everything OK?
  • He is straight up when he wants to be antisocial
  • And has no love for early mornings
  • His Irish really showed when he called a nightstand a "bedside locker"
  • And asked us, "What's up?"
  • And referred to diapers as "nappies"
  • His short-lived rap career is a very fond memory
  • He publicly admits that he's lazy AF sometimes
  • And he doesn't take proper care of his retainer
  • His old social networking profiles make him cringe
  • But he has no shame in social network shout-outs
  • Or flirting via Twitter
  • He apparently holds a grudge against one of his teachers
  • And has shared some honest but brutal thoughts about football
  • But despite the strong emotions he shares, he's actually quite chill