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Lorde Wants To Apologize To This Riverdale Star Over Tea

She‘s really sorry for crushing Archie’s heart

Lorde may be hard at work on her sophomore album, but she’s also managing to keep up with today’s hottest TV shows. Case in point: Judging by a recent Twitter exchange, she’s really into The CW’s new teen drama Riverdale ... even if she did accidentally brush off the series’ leading man a while ago.

In a new interview with Vulture, actor K.J. Apa — who plays red-haired footballer/crooner Archie — was asked whether he knew fellow famous New Zealander Lorde.

“No, I don’t know Lorde,” he said, before following up with an anecdote about how he once saw her in New Zealand. “I walked past her in a car and I looked at her and smiled and she completely just looked away and I was really gutted.”

Someone then tweeted Apa’s quote to Lorde, who apologized for brushing him off and extended a sweet peace offering.

Apa didn’t directly respond to Lorde’s tweet, but he did retweet it, so it appears he got the message. We can’t imagine him turning her down, so stay tuned to see if this tea date actually happens.