[SPOILER] Was Confirmed As A Perfect Match On Are You The One?

Is the cast one step closer to winning?

If you haven't watched tonight's episode of Are You The One?, then stop right here and return only when you've emptied your AYTO DVR queue.

FINALLY. The Season 5 cast has broken their four-beam curse, resulting in a second perfect match — Hayden and Carolina. Only when Hayden finally found out he was a no-go with Gianna was he truly able to open up and find love with the Brazilian bombshell. Good thing Carolina excels in being persistent, as she patiently waited for Hayden to come around throughout the duration of a couple of episodes — following her own confirmed no matches with Joey and Ozzy.

Editor's note: THAT'S how you play the game, kids! You move on from your non-matches and keep trying until something works. You don't continue to selfishly smooch and smash long-lost loves — *cough* Taylor, Andre, Hannah and Ozzy.

Now if only Gianna would stop crying over Hayden. "I believe that we're gonna have a relationship after this," the Ohio native confessed. "He's given me every reason to fall in love with him. It's so refreshing being with someone like that."

Delusional, much?

Five beams later, host Ryan Devlin said the group is making progress, but are they really? While the cast did engage in a successful get-to-know-each-other pow-wow at the beginning of the ep, the no-match relationships continue to hurt their chances at the big cash prize. These love hopefuls seem to be doing less communicating and more mere random selection of matches during each Match-Up Ceremony. Something's gotta give, or they're going to wind up in blackout territory again.

Are they any closer than they were last week? Sound off with your thoughts, and watch what goes down next Wednesday at 9/8c!