Stranded With A Million Dollars Sneak Peek: If You Want Water, It'll Cost $3,000

Living on a deserted island gets expensive when the show debuts February 21

What price would you be willing to pay to survive if you were stranded on a deserted island?

That's the question asked of the 10 people who'll be appearing on MTV's new reality series, Stranded With A Million Dollars, premiering on February 21. Would you spend $3,000 on a gallon of water? How about $60,000 for a tent? Seems pretty expensive for simple necessities -- but hey, at least they've got the cash.

"The 10 of you are now stranded on an island with nothing but the clothes on your back -- and $1 million," one castaway announces as she reads a message sent to the group, as shown in the sneak-peek clip below.

But there are a couple of catches: Each person has to last 40 days on the island in order to receive their share of the booty, plus any money they spend on supplies will be deducted from the prize -- and, as previously mentioned, those items sure as hell don't come cheap.

Oh, and there's another catch. That million dollars? It's not exactly all theirs yet. To find out how the group obtains it -- and to hear what the campers think of their challenge -- check out the clip. Then be sure to tune in for the premiere of Stranded With A Million Dollars on Tuesday, February 21 at 10/9c!