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Anthony Anderson’s Mom Apparently Taught Him How To ‘Go Downtown’?

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Parents are typically great at the whole advice thing. Need to figure out how to hang up a mirror without ripping a hole in the wall? Call 'em! Can't remember the gruyere-cheddar ratio for that perfect mac and cheese recipe? They got you! Perfecting your oral sex game? Call mom!

[Record scratch] Sorry. We'll give you a minute to put your eyeballs back in your head. You can only do that if you're Anthony Anderson, because oh my god this is actually a joke based in reality.

The Black-ish star stopped by Conan Wednesday night (February 8), and the late-night host got a little more than he bargained for when talk turned to Anderson's mom and her, uh, clitoral consultations. She's the Mr. Miyagi of vaginas, pretty much.

"My mother taught me how to go downtown," he began. O'Brien proceeded to blink approximately 912 times, and Anderson revealed that Mama Anderson felt that her "duty as a woman" was to teach her kids how to perform oral sex "properly" because his dad wasn't super talented in that regard, apparently. He explains how Mom had an "expansive video collection" and that was the basis of her lectures.

If there was a Guinness World Record For Freaking A Television Host Out In The Shortest Amount Of Time, Anderson and O'Brien would clinch it, no problem.