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Lady Gaga Did Her Own Stunts (In Heels) In The ‘John Wayne’ Video

Queen of dancing on top of moving cars

Lady Gaga has tapped into her inner stuntwoman lately. Days after performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show while suspended from a couple of wires, the star premiered her “John Wayne” video, in which she's seen vaulting all over a series of quickly moving vehicles.

Though the new video employs considerably more movie magic than Gaga's halftime acrobatics, she says she didn't shy away from doing a bunch of the stunts herself. “I did my own stunts in ‘John Wayne,’” she told Zane Lowe in an interview Wednesday (February 8). “OK, not all of them.”

Which law-breaking moves were authentic Gaga? “I won't tell you which ones I didn't do, but I will tell you that that's me the whole time on the car, when I'm on top of the car going really fast,” she said.

“I was in high heels going from the trunk to the top of the car and then flying into the front seat. My mother, she was literally screaming at me. She was like, ‘You have to do the Super Bowl!’”

Thankfully, Gaga made it out of her action-packed video shoot alive and got to do her action-packed Super Bowl show in one piece.