Teen Mom 2 Fake Out: Here's How Chelsea And Cole Prepared For Their Baby

Enter a faux newborn!

Chelsea and Cole have been gearing up for their son's arrival throughout this Teen Mom 2 season, from chronicling doctor's visits to a boy-themed gender reveal. But during this week's episode, the couple got some firsthand experience with a newborn -- courtesy of a toy doll.

"You know those fake babies in home ec[onomics]?" Chelsea asked Cole and their pals at a get-together. "I was Googling the other day and you can rent them -- and I want to do it," she explained, while adding it would be beneficial for herself (as well as Cole and Aubree) to get some exposure to a tiny peanut before the real little lad arrived.

Enter said tiny plastic munchkin, which behaved just like a newborn. Crying, sleeping, feeding, burping, holding, rocking, diaper changes. And repeat.

Chelsea, Cole and Aubree made sure to have fun as they cared for the faux infant (a highlight was Cole perfectly rocking the imitation kiddo and Chelsea ordering him not to stop) and, ultimately, it was a great way to prepare and get a sense of what their lives would look like in the not-so-distant future. Bring on (the real) Baby DeBoer!

Be sure to keep watching Chelsea, Cole, Aubree and Baby DeBoer on the season finale of Teen Mom 2 on Monday at 9/8c!

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