Michael Kovac/Getty

Dylan Sprouse Is Trying To Make His Pet Bulldog Instagram Famous

Say hello to Magnus

Dylan Sprouse has apparently "lost control of [his] life" and created an Instagram account for his dog, Magnus. (Those are his words, not mine.)

"Society demands dog accounts ... and I've been aggressed," the Disney Channel alum wrote on his personal Insta Tuesday night (February 7). "I took the leap and I feel ashamed but free. Magnus now has an account. It's @magnusthedwarf and yes, for future reference, I have lost control of my life."

However Sprouse feels, it's definitely a fitting career move for Magnus. The precious pup has starred in most of Sprouse's recent Snapchats and 'grams, so getting a separate account makes sense. Plus, LOOK AT THAT FACE. Whatever that face wants, it gets.

Magnus is a bit more grown-up now. Judging from his account's witty captions, he developed quite the sassy temper in the process. He tells it like it is, even if he's "incredibly tired of your shit."

Looks like honesty is still the best policy, even if you're a dog.