12 Iconic Nickelodeon Kisses You’re Still Not Over

These are forever ingrained in our brains

Nickelodeon shows gave us the best 'ships — and 'ship rivalries — of the 2000s. Seeing your TV faves finally make moves and take their obvious romantic feelings for each other to the next level is definitely a highlight of any show. It just never gets old, ya know?

While some classic Nick smooches were characters' firsts, others were just hilariously off-putting and will never, ever leave our memory for their strangeness. Check out these lip-locking moments, preserved in GIF form for all eternity. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

  1. Drake Parker and Josh Nichols — Drake & Josh

    After Drake feels bad for forgetting Josh’s birthday, he nabs his bro tickets and backstage passes to see Josh’s one true love — Oprah, of course — in person. Ecstatic beyond belief, Josh kisses Drake as a thank-you, which little sister Megan promptly catches on camera.

  2. Freddie Benson and Sam Puckett — iCarly

    After Sam blabs to everyone that Freddie has never been kissed and feels guilty about it, she confesses she hasn't been kissed yet either. The duo then smooch each other, bringing "Seddie" to life just like that. (Of course, that elevator kiss was a close runner-up. You know the one.)

  3. Ned Bigby and Moze Mosely — Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    At a school dance, Ned accidentally kisses his BFF thinking it's his crush, Suzie Crabgrass. Though the series finale's big kisses are also noteworthy, the reactions to this smooch — their first — are priceless.

  4. Quinn Pensky and Logan Reese — Zoey 101

    File this one under “Kisses We Didn’t See Coming.” After Mark Del Figgalo breaks up with Quinn for another girl, snobby Logan Reese actually comforts Quinn, and they kiss — with everyone watching on their TVs screaming in shock.

  5. True Jackson and Jimmy Madigan — True Jackson, VP

    After Jimmy follows an upset True outside, they share their feelings for each other and start to dance, eventually kissing. Take that, Sienna!

  6. Addie Singer and Jake Behari — Unfabulous

    Addie pines after her crush, Jake, for what feels like forever, then finally tells him she likes him. The kiss, actress Emma Roberts's very first, happens moments after Addie crawls out of a dumpster because life works in mysterious ways.

  7. Carly Shay and Freddie Benson — iCarly

    How can a kiss be more iconic than this one, where Freddie's helicopter mother barges in screaming bloody murder in the middle of it?

  8. Kel Mitchell and Mrs. Quagmire — Kenan & Kel

    After flirting with a cute girl, Kenan gives her a big ol’ kiss before leaving. Not wanting to feel left out, Kel grabs the nearest person he can — the elderly Mrs. Quagmire — and kisses her. Whyyyy?!

  9. Josh Nichols and Mindy Crenshaw — Drake & Josh

    Josh accuses Mindy of being with a new guy, but it turns out he’s only her cousin. Whoops. In the middle of arguing, the ex-couple start making out in Drake and Josh’s room.

  10. Robbie Shapiro and Cat Valentine — Victorious

    Hanging out at a cowboy luau, Robbie works up the courage to kiss Cat. Though she’s recovering from a minor head injury, that doesn’t stop her from running away in shock from Robbie after locking lips.

  11. Zoey Brooks and Chase Matthews — Zoey 101

    Bummed about being by herself during the school dance, Zoey’s thrilled to learn that Chase flew from England to be with her, and AT LONG LAST the two kiss. Still thankful that the Nickelodeon Kiss Gods heard all the cries and made these two lovebirds finally seal the deal.

  12. Helga Pataki and Arnold Shortman — Hey Arnold! The Movie
    Paramount Pictures

    In the TV series, Helga lusts over Arnold from afar. In the movie, she goes totally rogue and confesses her love to him repeatedly. Finally!