Teen Mom 2 Truce: Will Kailyn And Javi's Newly Civil Relationship Last?

During tonight's episode, the exes were cordial for the first time on-camera since the young father returned home

There have been changing dynamics between Kailyn and Javi since the young dad returned from his lengthy deployment. But Lincoln's parents -- who decided that they would officially terminate their marriage and work toward co-parenting their son separately -- enjoyed their first cordial on-camera and in-person interaction during tonight's brand-new Teen Mom 2 installment. But can the two maintain this rapport -- or will they revert to where they were when Javi first came home?

A closer look at the Delaware residents' aforementioned amiable conversation: Kail explained that she and Javi had a "good talk" without the MTV crew, opting to be friends and deciding to put the "kids first." From there, the two agreed that they would tell each other if they were seeing anyone, and producer J.C. asked if "being civil" was a new approach for the duo. Both agreed that it was, while Kail stated that a recent trip to Hawaii changed her lives.

"I thought about a lot of s**t while I was there," Kail explained about her adventures in the Aloha state. "I thought about my relationships with people and things that I've done and how I can make relationships better and how I can work with you better. If nothing else, I want to be your friend," she told her soon-to-be former husband.

"I don't know what you found in Hawaii, but I hope you take it seriously," Javi responded.

With that, Javi gave the boys a hug and told Kail he would see her later. This is a step in a different direction from what viewers have seen so far this season (not every detail of their lives is captured for all to see). But do you think this streak will last -- or will they go back to their old ways as they proceed toward their divorce? Share your thoughts in the comments, and keep watching the two and their loved ones every Monday on Teen Mom 2 at 9/8c.