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Zayn Defends Gigi Hadid After She’s Criticized For Racism

See the controversial video

Zayn swooped in to defend girlfriend Gigi Hadid after her sister, Bella, shared a controversial video on Snapchat last weekend. In the now-deleted clip, Gigi appears to mimic Asian features while celebrating a birthday. Viewers saved and reposted the clip, so you can see it for yourself below.

Backlash soon followed, with people calling Gigi's actions racist and offensive. Zayn himself is of South-Asian descent — Gigi has previously mistaken his half-Pakistani heritage for being Middle Eastern, but that's another story — so one fan asked him what he thought of the video.

"Trust me...she likes Asians," he replied with winky face and a thumbs-up.

This casual response fired up almost as much controversy as the original video did. Meanwhile, Zayn and Gigi seem unbothered by the criticism. They're distracting themselves by canoodling in bed, so yeah.

Gigi Hadid/Instagram