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It Seems Katy Perry Is Reinventing Herself With A Cotton Candy–Colored Look

‘New life who dis,’ she says

Last night, Katy Perry announced she'll be performing at this year's Grammys, and there's a good chance she'll be debuting new music.

To usher in this new era, she changed her pictures across all social media to a very pretty-in-pink look, proclaiming, "New life who dis."

While a fresh look for Katy Perry, it comes as no surprise. As we know, pink can be a power color for women in pop. Aesthetically, this pink feels quite similar to Lady Gaga's Joanne.

Katy Perry has cited herself as a fan of both Lady Gaga and Rihanna; this pink look is also giving me major "Rihanna on Good Morning America in 2015" vibes.

There's a hint of some self-referential looks as well; this is like an updated version of the literal candy-colored spectacle that was her Teenage Dream era over five years ago.

Now we wait and see what this reinvention will mean for her music.