Why Rob Dyrdek's Super Bowl Prediction Basically Makes Him Nostradamus

The MTV host made a 'ridiculous'-ly accurate football forecast

Like most folks did before Super Bowl LI, Rob Dyrdek guessed the end result for the Atlanta Falcons/New England Patriots showdown. And let's just say it might be time to start calling the MTV star Nostradamus, because he just made a ridiculous-ly (almost) accurate judgement about the now-infamous game.

"I would like to predict right here on live TV that the New England team...is going to score 34 points," the proud dad revealed during Friday's installment of Ridiculousness (you can relive it in the clip above). "And the other team...is going to score 27. That's it."

Now that the Houston clash is all settled, just TAKE A BOW, Rob. You were only off by one point with the losing Georgia-based crew, and you nailed it with the Tom Brady-led gang. Incredible. Next up, March Madness bracket choices!

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