The First Stranger Things 2 Teaser Is Here And It’s Creepy AF

Mark your calendar: Netflix’s sleeper hit returns this Halloween

Netflix dropped the first promo for the anticipated second season of Stranger Things on Super Bowl Sunday (February 5), and it looks like Hawkins, Indiana has seen better days. Stranger Things 2 will pick up a year after the events of the first season, in the fall of 1984 — note Dustin, Lucas, and Mike's Ghostbusters uniforms — and judging from this teaser, a creepy kaiju monster from the Upside Down is coming to town. Or at least it's been haunting poor Will Byers's dreams since he escaped the alternate dimension.

Per Netflix, “Everything seems back to normal ... but a darkness lurks just beneath the surface, threatening all of Hawkins.” That darkness has apparently manifested itself into that giant arachnid in Will's visions.

The promo also gives us our first real glimpse of Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven back in action. Wherever she is, she's upside down (in the Upside Down?) and bleeding from her nose. When they eventually pull Eleven out of whatever dimension she's in, Mike better have a Ghostbusters uniform ready and waiting for her. (And is that Chief Hopper dressed like Indiana Jones?! Be still our beating hearts.)

Stranger Things 2 comes to Netflix Halloween 2017.