Is Stranger Things Heading For The Matrix Instead Of The Upside Down?

Maybe the red pill taste like waffles

The first look at the second season of Stranger Things is yet another reason to watch Super Bowl LI tonight, as a look at what's to come for the next chapter of the popular Netflix series is set to drop at some point in between touchdowns.

The cast is understandably excited, but Matthew Modine — who played Dr. Martin Brenner in the first season of the show — brought his enthusiasm to another level with a simple tweet and a reference to another sci-fi cult classic.

The likelihood of Will, Dusty, Eleven, Nancy, Steve, and the rest of the gang joining Neo and Trinity in the Matrix is pretty slim, but Modine tweeted out this Matrix-inspired teaser today to prep for the big reveal during the big game.

Thanks to the sneak peek provided by EW of the preview, we already know that the Stranger Things kids dress up like Ghostbusters at some point. Morpheus and those spry agents don't seem like they'd fit in so great with the plot progression of the series, though, so we'll wait and see if there's anything to Modine's tweet.

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