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Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Fight Space Horrors In Life

Pro tip: Never, ever, ever ever ever touch an alien

"Sci-fi" doesn't quite cut it, here.

Space Movies That'll Scare You Senseless are a genre all their own, and Life, the thriller starring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, looks like it'll be just as terrifying as Alien, Event Horizon, and the rest of those intergalactic trips that put your AP chem knowledge to use while also giving you nightmares.

The new trailer for Life just dropped, and in it, we watch a hopeful space expedition turn horrific once it becomes very clear that making contact with an extraterrestrial substance is a huge — and potentially lethal — risk.

The crew is overjoyed when they think they've discovered the first sign of life on another planet, but that sign of life doesn't reciprocate the warm tidings, to put it mildly. The trailer clocks in at under two minutes, but it gives us plenty in the tension department and brandishes a flame-throwing Reynolds in a particularly heated moment.

Turns out one little biological cell can cause plenty of mayhem, and that, yes, maybe you shouldn't jump the gun on celebrating a breakthrough until you take a closer look at what you've just discovered — or unleashed.

Life is set for a March 24 theatrical release.