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7 Things We Need From Halsey On Her New Album

The follow-up to ‘Badlands’ drops in June

Halsey fans, prepare yourselves. After promising new music in 2017, your girl quietly announced that her sophomore album will arrive in June by updating her Twitter and Instagram bios with the happy news last week.


That info has since been removed, by the way, and replaced with "this is not a dream..." Indeed, it's been nearly two years of non-dreaming since Halsey's last record, Badlands, dropped in August 2015, so it's about damn time for a follow-up. Here's what we're hoping for.

  1. More collaborations

    Badlands features exactly zero guest verses, even though Halsey has famously collaborated with Justin Bieber and The Chainsmokers. On this new one, it'd be swell to hear her sing with someone who isn't Drew Taggart — perhaps Lady Gaga, since they're such big fans of each other?

  2. Halsey's cover artwork

    She can paint! Wouldn't it be awesome to see her designs on the record?

  3. Pop-culture references galore

    Halsey's songs often mention her fave musicians, and she name-drops Kanye West and Drake in "Tokyo Narita (Freestyle)" and Blink-182 in "Closer." Who will she shout out next? I'm personally crossing my fingers for Stranger Things's Eleven, a.k.a. Halsey's doppelgänger.

  4. A bigger, badder concept

    Halsey has always been a fan of concept albums, starting with Room 93, her debut EP inspired by the "intimacy" of hotel rooms. Then Badlands, her first full-length release, took fans to a "world that existed outside the 93." What's the next mysterious locale? "My plan for the second record is to take you to the universe outside of the Badlands, so widening the zoom on everything little by little as the records go on," she told MTV News in 2015.

  5. A hella cool intro video

    Wherever the next album takes us, hopefully she'll show us the way with another trippy video and monologue like the one that opened Badlands.

  6. More emotion than ever before

    Halsey always keeps it real in her songs, and her upcoming music seems to be no exception. For months, she's apparently holed herself up in a "cave" writing her heart out. "I'm using every bit of me to make something with dignity," she tweeted last year.

  7. Another Grammy nomination

    Halsey secured her first Grammy nom in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance this year for her Chainsmokers collab, "Closer." Could she be on track for a nom that's 100 percent hers after LP2? Badlands came out too early to qualify for the 2017 Grammys, but there's always next year.