Teen Mom 2's Leah Addresses The Biggest Misconceptions About Being A Single Mother

'I think we're strong'

Leah has openly shown Teen Mom 2 viewers what it's like to raise children while not being married to the kids' father(s). While there are understandable struggles that come with rearing her three daughters solo, the West Virginia resident is squashing some common notions about the topic that she says are incorrect.

"Being a single mother is not easy," the 24-year-old recently told MTV News. "The biggest misconceptions others have about single mothers is that they don’t have it all together. I feel like that’s wrong."

Like any change, there is an adjustment period with this type of evolving family dynamic. "At the beginning, it might be hectic for us because we don’t have the support that someone who is married would," she explained. "But we eventually figure it out, and we get it together. I think we’re strong."

And when Leah is with her trio of mini-mes, there is one activity that she enjoys most.

"We like movie nights -- I like cuddling with them," she says, with a smile. "That’s what I like most."

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