Winning The Are You The One? Game: Should The Cast Use Strategy Or Follow Their Hearts?

With only four beams locked in, it's safe to say something's not working

Someone throw the Season 5 cast of Are You The One? a bone.

These 22 love hopefuls (minus honeymooners Kam and Edward) seem permanently stuck on four beams, and they only have three chances left to secure the 11 matches that are needed to win the prize (which is currently $500,000).

In the words of Tyranny, "Four beams, week seven? F*ck our lives. How in the hell did this happen again? We suck at this game as a team. Ryan's probably looking at us like, 'Y'all are dumbasses,' and I don't blame him because we kind of are dumbasses at this point."

Following Taylor and Andre's jaw-dropping Truth Booth reveal on tonight's episode — super-sad spoiler alert: NO MATCH — the gang found themselves at a crossroads. Too many folks are continuing to lock lips (and emotions) with their confirmed no matches, and it is becoming a MAJOR problem. Speaking of, Tandre have basically stated that they've given up on the game and don't even care about the money. While they'll do whatever their castmates want regarding the Match-Up Ceremonies, they're officially in love — in a relationship — and are done mingling with any other singles.

To add to the no-match insanity — Gianna and Hayden continue to flirt around, and Hannah can't let go of Ozzy, despite Alicia's very bold advances. In the words of host Ryan Devlin, "FORGET the no matches, or you guys are going to lose this thing."

Just when they think they're following their hearts (*cough* Tandre), it backfires with a disappointing Truth Booth result. On the flip, strategy isn't always best either, as you'll recall Kari's failed plan from last week.

So what's the answer? According to Kam, beer goggles aren't helping anyone: "Y'all need to stop drinking and be sober. I'm serious as hell. Y'all keep drinkin' and celebrating what? Celebrating four beams?"

Sound off with your thoughts, and see if the cast can break the dreaded Season 5 four-beam curse next Wednesday at 9/8c!