Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Fenty x Puma + Noam Galai/FilmMagic

Rihanna Freaked Out Because Mariah Carey Wore Her Puma Stilettos To The Gym

Or is she freaking out because she’s a ‘Cribs’ fan?

Honestly, if Mariah Carey showed up for a workout wearing one of your designs, you'd freak out about it and probably bust out an impromptu a cappella version of "Fantasy" or something. No one is immune to the glow of Mimi's attention.

Rihanna's line for Puma includes some choice footwear that isn't exactly treadmill-friendly. Carey appears to be a fan of the stilettos with the Puma strip, especially, as she was photographed wearing them — and fishnets, so her version of athleisure — at the gym.

In spite of the many awards she's won, the plethora of killer performances under her belt, and her burgeoning break into film and TV notoriety, this — this — is proof that RiRi's "made it."

MTV Cribs fans will remember Carey's iconic episode, in which she invites us in for a bubble bath and heads to her fitness center to take on the StairMaster in heels. Trends may come and go, but Mimi's routine is so iconic there should be an exhibit in the Smithsonian dedicated to it. (Wouldn't be surprised if Rihanna agrees, TBH.)