MTV Castaways Reveal What They Missed Most When They Were Stranded With A Million Dollars

The brand-new series -- featuring 10 guys and gals toughing it out on an island -- debuts tonight

Being in podunk the middle of nowhere means you are going to have to endure without things you hold near and dear. And when 10 brave young men and women try to survive the elements -- and each other -- on the upcoming series Stranded With a Million Dollars, these strangers are going to have to make do without loved ones and everyday luxuries.

Before the premiere of the reality program (catch the trailer above), MTV News asked a few of the competitors what they missed most while they were away from home.

"My girlfriend, because she's an endless source of support for me -- always willing to put up with my goofiness," TV reporter Alex revealed. "I also really missed the Mexican pizza from Taco Bell."

Like Alex, cocktail server Gina explained that she yearned for her significant other. "My boyfriend is my backbone, so it was hard to be stranded on an island without that support and love that I am used to having," she said.

And Army National Guard member Cody found it a "challenge" to be away from girlfriend Autumn, but it "motivated him" during the cutthroat game.

Meanwhile, mom Eilish (unsurprisingly) admitted that it was tough to be without her husband and son. "It was even hard talking about them, but that motivated me even more," the New Mexico native stated. "I was never going to quit or give up because I wanted to win it so badly for them."

While model Bria just wanted access to her "fully stocked refrigerator," Massachusetts native Makani desired her journal.

"I've been on my own many times before, but I always had a pen and paper to reflect," she stated. "Sometimes I begin writing in a troubled or confused state of mind; however, when I'm done writing, everything is clear to me. I believe [having a journal] would've given me a great edge in the game and given me much foresight. I'm a writer, so I'm happy to be back with all my manuscripts."

Lastly, Eagle Scout Michael really craved a social media platform. "I would say that the luxury item that I missed the most was my phone, but more specifically I missed posting on my Instagram." Any filter preferences, M?

What would you miss the most if you were in these cast members' shoes? Sound off in the comments, and don't miss Stranded With a Million Dollars beginning tonight right after The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions.