Are You The One? Couple Alert: Has Taylor Finally Met Her Match In Andre?

With Tyler out of the picture, the gorgeous blonde may have found Mr. Right

Could this Are You The One? twosome be any cuter?

Taylor has finally seen the light and moved on from Tyler and his bad-guy ways. Good thing, because there's no way the Boston native would be able to get away with f**king all the girls in the house — his words, not ours — with Tay by his side.

Enter Andre. Following his no-match reveal with Alicia, the 21-year-old quickly cozied up to Taylor, and the two have been adorably inseparable ever since.

"I really feel like Tyler just dropped me the keys to this Ferrari, hopped up in a '98 Corolla, and I'm driving this Ferrari around Beverly Hills having a great time," Andre confessed, sweetly comparing the gorgeous blonde to a really hot car. (And unnecessarily placing Shannon in Toyota territory, but we won't go into that.)

Taylor has clearly been on the same page as the budding rapper, expressing that the two have a lot in common and want the same things. "I feel like he truly does care about me. I don't think he would do what Tyler did." Word. You deserve better, girl!

From making out in closets to bonding over tartar sauce — hey, whatever floats your boat — this pair might actually be match material, having sat together at the previous two match-up ceremonies.

"It's like Popeye eating spinach. She's my dose of spinach every day, and it works," Andre said on Wednesday night's episode. "It's awesome, and I love every second of it."

Dying to find out the fate of these two? Watch an all-new episode of Are you The One? on Wednesday at 9/8c!