Presenting CT's Most Ridiculous Challenge Moments

But why, you ask? Because the longtime competitor is stopping by 'Ridiculousness'

We can say this much with certainty: A guy who’s uttered the words “I’ll smash his head and eat it” is not totally unfamiliar with ridiculousness.

Since Chris "CT" Tamburello first appeared on The Challenge as part of The Inferno cast in 2004, he’s developed a few reputations: solid athlete, never-say-die fighter and man who’s often just ridiculous enough to make his fellow cast members double over. Between dancing in bikinis for cash and turning a friendly game of hoops into a striptease, CT’s actions has proven he is indeed a little absurd, which makes him a perfect fit for another MTV show.

Yup, CT is headed for Ridiculousness and will take his expertise of the bizarre to Rob Dyrdek’s clip-show kingdom. So will he make Chanel cackle? Based on his Challenge days, we’re pretty sure he’ll fit the bill just fine.

Check out CT’s most ridiculous moments from The Challenge below, tune in to his Ridiculousness appearance beginning on Friday at 8/7c and see how he performs on The Challenge: Invasion Of The Champions when the show premieres on February 7 at 9/8c!

  • CT shakes his moneymaker.

    During CT’s very first Challenge season, Team Real World found themselves struggling through the “Come Sail Away Mission,” which challenged them to sell gifts to tourists in Mexico for cash. So CT eventually pulled out the big guns, threw on a bikini and danced for a cruise ship crowd. Sadly, his efforts were in vain, as Road Rules won -- but at least everyone had a good laugh.

  • CT gets his head shaved for no particular reason.

    While CT entered the Gauntlet III house with a head full of hair in 2008, he decided one night that he’d rather go without and commissioned Diem to shave it down to the scalp. It wasn’t necessarily the act that was so surprising but the total impetuousness of the buzz. And, honestly, it made him look real scary -- no wonder he had most of the Veteran Team shaking in their boots.

  • CT fashions a human being into a backpack.

    We all know the story: CT appeared on the 2010 Challenge season as a guest star and made a mockery out of Johnny Bananas in The Gulag. But the most ridiculous part of the event was watching CT evolve into a human Optimus Prime whose eyes widened by miles and whose march looked like that of a Where The Wild Things Are beast. It was terrifying, but it was also simply hilarious.

  • CT and Wes go rounds for hours.

    We know CT is never afraid of a fight, but it wasn’t until Season 21 of The Challenge that we realized he could go for nearly 12 hours. When CT got the impression that Wes was angling to eliminate him from Rivals, CT spent the entire night antagonizing Wes and even went as far as to toss his bed off the balcony as a means of intimidation.

  • CT pukes up his guts (and then some).

    There was never doubt that CT had iron will, but his iron stomach came totally into focus on Rivals II, the first show he ever won. During the final mission -- appropriately called “Nightmare Island” -- teams were challenged to eat stuff you’d otherwise find in a dumpster, and CT threw it down until it came back up as furiously as Old Faithful’s geyser. Wonder what this guy’s like at Thanksgiving…

  • CT gets a little frisky...on the basketball court.

    A friendly game of hoops became an even friendlier game of hoops thanks to CT on Free Agents. It’s hard to say why, but he decided to turn basketball into a bit of a striptease. Still, none of his fellow competitors seemed to mind…