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Harry Styles’s One Direction Bandmates Didn’t Forget His Birthday

And they say they’ll see him ‘soon’

Beyoncé’s big pregnancy reveal wasn’t the only exciting thing about today (February 1) — it was also Harry Styles’s 23rd birthday.

The One Direction singer and budding actor received tons of well wishes from fans all over the world, and even from his three remaining 1D bandmates (in other words, no Zayn ... sorry). The guys regularly celebrate each other’s birthdays on social media, and Harry’s 23rd was no exception.

Liam Payne (sorry, “Payno”) sweetly swooped in with this balloon emoji–accented message.

Then Louis Tomlinson told the birthday boy to have “a sick night,” which basically means he wants Harry to party his face off.

But it was Niall Horan’s tweet that practically stopped fans’ hearts. “See ya soon,” he signed his message, prompting everyone to wonder, “WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT WE DON’T, NIALL?!”

Harry, for his part, hasn’t tweeted about his birthday at all, but we’ll just assume that means he’s taking Louis’s advice and having way too much fun celebrating. HBD, H!