See D.R.A.M. Put A Classical Spin On ‘Broccoli’

He brought his infectious joy to NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series

If you turned on the radio at least once in 2016, you probably heard “Broccoli,” D.R.A.M.’s chirpy, carefree collaboration with Lil Yachty. The song went double platinum, topped the Billboard charts, and is even up for a Grammy Award this month, but that doesn’t mean D.R.A.M.’s afraid to revise the formula and put a different spin on his much-loved hit.

Case in point: the Virginia singer and rapper visited NPR’s always-delightful Tiny Desk concert series, where he charmed the hell out of everyone with a classic twist on “Broccoli” (that infectious smile of his probably helped, too). He also performed “Cash Machine,” “Cute,” “Sweet VA Breeze,” and even “Special,” his lullaby-like cut from Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book that feels like a warm blanket covering your entire body. Or, as he put it: “A little message, a little whisper in your ear to get you through the day.”

Check out the joyous performance below.