Vladimir Shtanko/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images + C Flanigan/Getty Images

Lady Gaga’s Kitty Clone Will Play The Puppy Bowl Halftime Show

Surprise! Everything *isn’t* terrible!

The Super Bowl isn't just about loving or hating the Patriots or diving into a bowl of guacamole the size of your ribcage this time around. Music fans (Little Monsters especially) will be tuning in for the halftime show, which will feature Lady Gaga for a few glorious minutes smack in between touchdowns.

And if the regular Super Bowl doesn't do it for you? You can still get your Gaga fix when the Puppy Bowl brings its own version of Joanne to the field: Kitty Gaga, who will headline the Puppy Bowl's halftime show and perform "Puparazzi" for viewers, Billboard reports.

To the boss of the person who came up with this idea and the MEAT COLLAR that Kitty Gaga will apparently be sporting for the festivies: Give this pun-savvy genius a raise and don't pay them in kibble, please.