Boy Meets World’s Eric Matthews Was Almost Played By Shawn’s IRL Brother

Jason Marsden was also up for the role

Boy Meets World may have been about Cory, Shawn, and Topanga's navigation through life, but it was Cory's older brother, Eric (Will Friedle), who stole the show. Without Eric's zany antics, we wouldn't have Plays with Squirrels, Feeny calls, or that "Life's tough, get a helmet" line.

But if Friedle hadn't been cast as the oldest Matthews sibling, two other familiar faces from the show's universe had a running chance: Jason Marsden, who played Eric's BFF Jason on the first two seasons, and Shiloh Strong, a.k.a. Rider Strong's (Shawn) brother. For starters, WHAT. Could you even imagine Shawn's real-life brother playing Cory's bro for seven seasons — plus several episodes on Girl Meets World?

Marsden shared the casting news Tuesday (January 31), after jokingly referring to Friedle as the "prick who stole [his] job." This comment prompted a fan to ask, "Did he really though? Were you supposed to be Eric?"

But because the trio are still good friends, there's definitely no hard feelings about the casting choice that happened over two decades ago. Friedle responded to Marsden, saying, "Either one of you would have been great too!" However, one fan stated he simply couldn't see Marsden or Strong playing Eric Matthews; that character was made for Friedle.

Shiloh Strong — who didn't appear on Boy Meets World but did direct 15 episodes of Girl Meets World — agreed with the fan, admitting, "No one makes me laugh more." Same to the nth degree, Shiloh.