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The Chainsmokers Respond To Nickelback Comparisons By Covering The Hell Out Of Nickelback

They might love Nickelback more than is generally socially accepted

If you make fun of The Chainsmokers in public, they will double down on making fun of themselves. Especially if you dare them to cover Nickelback.

This week, Esquire published a think piece likening EDM's chart-topping duo to Nickelback, a band of grungy Canadians who also topped charts in their day. Both make popular music about their dicks, the piece argues, so The Chainsmokers are apparently to electro-pop what Nickelback were to post-grunge.

It turns out that Drew Taggart does a pretty mean Chad Kroeger impression when put to the task. In a video shared to Twitter, The Chainsmokers performed a quick mash-up of their own song "Paris" with Nickelback's breakthrough hit "How You Remind Me" (which, for whatever it's worth, is about crippling alcoholism and depression, not dick).

If post-grunge ever makes a resurgence, Taggart could easily swap genres at the drop of a hat.