Rihanna Checks In To Bates Motel In Foreboding New Trailer

Things are about to get psychotic for RiRi

I know we all lost our damn minds when Rihanna blessed us with the first official photo from Ocean’s Eight earlier this week. But the heist flick doesn’t hit theaters until summer 2018, and we have plenty more of “Rihanna, the actress” to look forward to before then. This summer she’ll appear in the sci-fi adventure Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and before that, we get to see her in the A&E series Bates Motel.

It was revealed last year that Rihanna will play iconic Psycho victim Marion Crane in Bates, a contemporary prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller. In a new trailer from Entertainment Weekly, we see Crane check in to the motel for the first time, unaware of the horror that lies ahead (avoid the shower, Rih!).

According to executive producer Kerry Ehrin, Rihanna’s Crane will appear in a multi-episode arc on Bates, allowing her story to be more fleshed out.

“It was trying to do a story about a contemporary woman with some edge, with some expectations, who isn’t perfect, who isn’t always perfectly sweet, who is in that situation, but we’re rooting for her to get what she wants,” Ehrin told EW. (I mean, honestly, when are we not rooting for Rihanna to get what she wants?)

Bates Motel returns for its fifth and final season February 20 on A&E.

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