Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Carly Rae Jepsen Chopped Off Her Hair And Dyed It Blonde

Buh-bye, black hair

Carly Rae Jepsen has officially traded her jet-black hair for bright blonde. But a fresh color alone wasn't a big enough change for the Emotion singer. She also snipped her choppy lob into a super-short pixie cut.

Jepsen's new hair hit the ice last weekend at the NHL All-Star Game, where she sang Canada's national anthem. (She was born and raised in British Columbia, after all.)

To get into the spirit, she sang in her very own Jepsen jersey. And she was in good company. Nick Jonas also performed at the event, and Justin Bieber was there the previous day to play in a friendly celebrity ice hockey game.

Now Jepsen and her blonde tresses are heading to Sweden, where she'll be working on the follow-up to Emotion. Who knows, maybe the hair change will inspire some songwriting. "New hair, new you" is just as transformational as "new year, new you."